Writing Matters

Another month disappeared and its time to do another round up about what I’ve been writing recently. Of course, a more efficient way to do this will be to link up at the side – maybe I’ll do that later in the afternoon 🙂

Anyway, over at my column at Insing.com, I’ve been talking about shoes (I mean, what else is there?!), headphones and what to wear for date night. Also, I’ve been waxing lyrical about my favourite celebrity girl crushes and how to steal their looks.

While you’re at this, check out the Mandarin Gallery blog, where I make regular contributions. Some things to expect: haute couture Swiss chocolates, heels that are actually good for your feet, beautiful Danish cutlery and avante garde luxury watches.


In other news, life is rolling along just fine. I’m looking forward to a vacation in Taiwan and Hong Kong (how I miss HK) come October and perhaps, a shorter trip in-between now and then.

Regarding more frivolous pursuits, I have been hunting for fierce rings to string up on my fingers. I’m leaning towards ghetto gold but silver will do as well. I checked out 77th Street but they’ve gone all soft and girlie since I was 16 (and actually cared to shop there). So, if you know where I can find them, drop me a note!


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