Filippa K Fall 2010

The Fall collections and their (sometimes very nicely shot) lookbooks are slowly but surely making their way to the stores and websites.

I stumbled upon the Filippa K’s Women Fall 2010 lookbook a couple of days ago. As a huge fan of the brand’s polished, minimalist and androgynous aesthetics, I found it to be more than just pleasing.

A chunky knit sweater, an over-sized off-white shirt, a loose-fit jumpsuit with cigarette pants, a elegant black wrap-dress, a beautiful red wool trenchcoat. Each piece will make a lovely addition to any wardrobe, even predominately summery ones like ours (except for the wool trench, of course – but I’m sure you’ll find a reason to wear it).


One thought on “Filippa K Fall 2010

  1. Hi Dottie! I was languishing in travel-preparation agony when I surfed past your page and found this. This is perfect inspiration! Thanks much =)))

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