Two and a half months ago, Leleohead wrote this post about the local bloggers she lived vicariously through and included me in her list. What she wrote about me (and my bangs*) made me want to shuffle my feet sheepishly (yes, I am shy like that) and say ‘geez…’.

I didn’t want to mention it because it will inadvertently sound like shameless self-promotion. But I thought you will like to read some of the other blogs on her list, which are really, really good.

I’m Waking Up To… is an incredibly well-written blog showcasing the playlists of two guys who love music. At the end of each post, you get to sample the song in question, a feature I find very convenient. [Coincidentally, I think I know Brian :)]

Wallflower reads books and put up choice quotes for your easy consumption.

These two are my favourite because they edit the plethora of music and books out there into manageable bite sizes and sieve out those that are more likely to be worth my time. When there is information overload, I appreciate any help I can get – and these people obviously know what they’re doing.

And of course, there is Leleohead herself. Her music reviews are a real blast, so make sure you read each and every one of them. It will be time well spent, I promise (cross my heart and hope to die). These are the kind of words that I like to let wash over me while I bop my head to something glorious on my iTunes.

* Now that I’m growing out my bangs (more out of laziness than otherwise), I feel like I’m losing a precious part of my identity. But that is just unabashed egotism talking – I don’t think any part of my identity can be described as ‘precious’ or with any other such words.


4 thoughts on “Vicarious

  1. thanks for the plug! anyway, I saw you at the concert! no chance to say hi cause it was such a rush from the toilet to the concert hall….

  2. hi dottie and thanks for the shoutout and the very kind words. always love to be able to connect in this way.

    and hello leleohead! i haven’t forgotten you! i think i actually saw you headed upstairs for b&s, but it was too crowded so i didn’t say hi!

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