I saw a set of bright green, vintage-inspired suitcases last night.

It reminds me of the gorgeous orange one that the Bagaholicboy and I saw at Takashimaya some time ago. He gave me a brilliant idea – use a vintage suitcase to house your bedside reading. It will definitely has more character than your average Ikea bookshelf.

So, I’d spent the last half hour surfing eBay for something suitable. The possibilities are endless. You got to love the Internet at times like this.

In a parallel universe, I am curled up in a weathered leather arm chair with a stack of (good) books beside it. This is my preferred state of being.

Okay, it will be better if I have my laptop with me. As I said, you got to love the Internet. [And I’m an incorrigible cyber junkie.]

In other news, I feel like running amok* just because. Don’t you? 🙂

* Will you believe the origin of this saying according to Wikipedia? It actually stemmed directly from our colonial legacy! Fascinating.


One thought on “Suitcase

  1. If I were to get to redo my room, I would have use different and unique stuff to store my things like how you would do with the Vintage suitcase. And if you ever do it, do take a picture of how the outcome turns out! Would love to have a look-see xD

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