The French Girl

In fashion, is there a more alluring character than the French girl?

Sessùn is a French label that make clothes for the cool young woman who looks like she doesn’t give a damn about the petty things (i.e. men, money, etc) that drive you nuts. So, naturally, I have the vain hope that by wearing their stuff, I will be that girl!

Delusions aside, their latest look look is very well styled – casual and believable, things that real women can wear, on a daily basis.

Also, read their blog. Its really good! [Use Google Translate if you don’t read French.]


One thought on “The French Girl

  1. having lived with a french family for an extended period of time, i can say that yes, all this about the french woman is true! although i think they’re also trapped in the whole image and confines of the french society, which really isn’t all that’s hyped up to be; nonetheless, charming!–as long as i don’t have to play by its rules

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