The Game

So, I’ve been reading Neil Strauss’ The Game recently. Out of curiosity, of course, considering that there is hardly any applicable knowledge for me in it – or is there?

It is wonderfully intriguing, gaining access to this ‘secret society’ of pick up artists. Surely, there is a lot of insights to be gleaned from this handbook on the art of seduction, even for the woman. Especially for the woman.

And my book comes complete with highlights and underlines; all the better to guide me along in this world on the other side (of the gender divide). I am looking forward to finishing it.

Ah, can there be a more testosterone-charged manual?


I have two reactions to a brilliant writer. I either feel the utmost respect for his literary prowess or I am just hopelessly intimidated.

Maybe writers can never truly be friends with one another. Writing is too much of a solitary pursuit and solitary animals do not mix well in groups. You know, like vampires.

Now, this is lapsing into a rather quiet Sunday filled with too many thoughts, strange ones.


A few things to count down to in the month of August. [Do not be excessively alarmed that July is coming to an end already – such things happen.]

  1. The Belle and Sebastian concert (mental note: pick up tickets and not lose them).
  2. The Japanese Film Festival. The verdict is still out on how many films I’ll be watching. Stay tuned.
  3. A’s birthday celebration. Expect alcohol and the necessary melancholy of saying goodbye to being 25 (that magical age where one stands on the incredibly thin line between resisting and being resigned to adulthood).
  4. Making travel plans and re-establishing my love-hate relationship with travel logistics. Time to break out those luggage (on tiny wheels) again. Off we go into the unknown; I heard that there will be trains in the equation. Happiness.
  5. Whatever else Life decides to throw at me. This may be the most exciting of the lot.


To top it all off, my Muji membership card just came in the mail.

YES. Finally! 😀


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