Vanity Is Not A Sin

I have been thinking about vanity. Contrary to popular believe, vanity is not a sin. There, I’d said it.

On the other hand, it really depends on your world view. And your mother, of course. Mine is an unapologetic vain pot, so no prize for guessing how I turned out. Not that I’m complaining. As I said, vanity is not a sin.

This may be very politically incorrect, but there are more than enough perks to good looks to warrant a little (or a lot) of extra effort to put your best self forward. Granted, obsession with physical appearance is never a good thing, but trying to look nice is actually just polite.

And I like politeness.

So, I was wondering where this post is going and decided that I should just let you in on some of my own personal vanity mantras.

  1. I re-apply my lipstick very regularly. There is something very wrong with having post-lunch lips the entire day. Considering it takes all of 3 seconds to sleek on a new coat of colour on your pluckers, I will advise that you do this religiously throughout the day. My friends think that I am an obsessive-compulsive freak the way I use up my lipstick so quickly (actually, I think a month and a half per stick is very reasonable), but I think it is just right. A tip: find a flattering shade and stick with it – until you get bored or grow too old to carry off pale pink, then look for another flattering shade.
  2. Do not scrimp on hand cream. It is my firm belief that a woman’s true age (if she takes good care of herself) can only be determined from her hands and neck. Girls should have nice, soft hands – this is not sexist; why will you want rough, calloused hands anyway? So slather on the hand cream liberally and as often as is necessary (usually every hour with air-conditioning and every 2 hours without). Invest in a really good hand cream if you can –  I think Jurlique have some of the very best available in the market. It doesn’t come cheap, so be smart and get your jet-setting friend to help you stock up from Australia; you can save more than 50% of the cost if you do that.
  3. Try to always smell good. [I say ‘try to’ because sometimes, even the best of us just smell normal.] As I am very attracted to people who smell wonderful, I am very conscious about my own scent. This may sound a little strange, but I feel uncomfortable if I smell of nothing. My fragrances tend to dissipate much too soon. I found the solution to this problem a while ago – I transfer my perfumes to portable small bottles (from Muji) and re-spritz whenever I need to. This really works so try it.

Somehow, this has become a rather long, wordy post.

That, was not my intention.

And now, to bed!


One thought on “Vanity Is Not A Sin

  1. Oh…haha well i like your lip colour choices! Very nice 😉 plus you’re making me have a good excuse to buy jurlique’s hand cream…Noooo…

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