A couple of weeks ago, Bliss invited myself and some other bloggers for a afternoon of delightful treats (think: shoulder rubs, leg massages, brownies and lemonade).

We also went home with some of the spa’s inhouse products to try out and I have been using them diligently for the last week.

The first is the Hot Salt Scrub with rosemary + eucalyptus. I was amazed to find that the scrub really starts feeling hot after rubbing it on the skin for a while. The heat is supposed to aid exfoliation. I will recommend using it on every third day for smoother skin. The scent is also really refreshing, so using it in the morning will wake you up nicely.

The other product I tried out was the Naked Body Butter (love the name). Its fragrance-free so its great for sensitive skin types. I only have one requirement when it comes to body moisturizers, and that is it cannot feel greasy. With the ridiculous weather recently, feeling sticky is the last thing I want. And you won’t have that problem with this one – its rather thick, but gets absorbed fully in no time.

There are a few other very intriguing products that I can’t wait to try out. Fret not, I’ll be sure to report back if I do.


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