No One Belongs Here More Than You

A few days ago, I started thinking about this book I’d read about a year ago.

Its No One Belongs Here More Than You by Miranda July, who is a film-maker, artist and writer. I bought it for an ex-boyfriend because he liked the yellow. Plus, it looks like it is going to be a really good read.

Just the title and author on the cover. Don’t you love the simplicity of it? 🙂 If this isn’t awesome enough, the paperback copy comes in three other pop hues (i.e. lime green, hot pink, bright orange).

The book has its own website; it is the most primitive and entertaining one I have ever seen. The entire site consists of pictures the author took of scribblings she made on her stove (yes, you read right). You have to give it a click.

Now, about the stories. They are probably not what you’re used to, but that’s the best part – they take you by surprise. Sometimes, they start off from nowhere and end up the same place. They can be sad, happy or just kind of strange.

You should read them.


4 thoughts on “No One Belongs Here More Than You

  1. I got mine at HMV but VCD version (or was it DVD?) If you are really interested, let me go home and poke around for it (it should be hidden somewhere behind shelves of things) and if I can find it, I’ll lend it to you by posting it to you or something, we’ll work it out, yeah?

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