Bring An Appetite

It almost slipped my mind but I just recalled that something good is happening at the Mandarin Gallery, food-wise.

Starting this Friday, you get rewarded just by dining at one of its many F&B outlets. Either spend $100 at any of the stores OR $50 at one of the 11 participating restaurants and get a box of pralines from BESCHLE Chocolatier Suisse and a $50 dining voucher.

So, if you do the math, it is technically free meals and chocolates! What is there not to love? 🙂

Actually, I already know exactly where I will be spending my $50:

  1. I’m a die-hard Marutama fan when it comes to ramen, but even I have to say that Ippudo is awesome. The flavourful pork broth, tangy noodles and super tasty chashu puts up a very, very good fight for best ramen I’ve ever tasted. I know, the queue can be insane, but here’s a tip – take a late weekday lunch!
  2. After a satisfyingly sinful dinner, there is nothing like desserts at Jones the Grocer to wash everything down nicely. I will recommend the  fruity milkshakes (which are so thick they almost eat like a meal!). I’ve already written about the very yummy cheese platter and cakes, so you know you should have one (or all) of that.

Now, here’s the most important question: where shall I spend that $50 dining vouchers that I’m going to recieve for my ‘efforts’? 😀

Yes, that’s a deliriously happy problem.


Speaking of Mandarin Gallery, here’s some of the latest posts I’ve written on their blog:


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