Ridhwan and Dinie for Bagaholicboy

Today, I woke up to a new, exciting feature over on the Bagaholicboy‘s Facebook page.He’s getting Ridhwan and Dinie from OneSixtyNotepad to snap pictures of arm candies – street style for bags!

And Ridhwan took one of mine during the Gucci Timeless event.

I think it’s awesome; the leather looks incredibly buttery 😀

For your own 5 minutes of Bagaholicboy fame, send him a picture of your bag and it may turn up on the Bagaholicboy Mailbag section.


One thought on “Ridhwan and Dinie for Bagaholicboy

  1. Hi Dottie

    Your bag looks gorgeous and I have been looking for a bag like this. I saw fm your blog it is fm Chloe, do u mind sharing the model of this bag as I would like to check w the store if they still has it. Email is ok.

    Thanks !


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