Gucci Timeless x

Sometime last week, I was invited to the press launch of the new Gucci timepieces. I’m not the world’s best mingler (believe it or not, I’m kind of shy – there, I’d said it), so it was great that some of the other bloggers were there too 🙂

It is really amazing how fresh and contemporary the ad campaign looks because these pictures were taken from the fashion house’s archives circa the 1960s (featuring Russian-born model Veruschka and Peter Sellers).

As usual, the strong designs of the men’s watches appealed more to me. Prettiness just isn’t something I look for in timepieces. Secretly, I love how incongruent a huge watch looks on my tiny wrist.

Other than nibbling on the mini nibbles that were making the rounds and checking out the new watches, I also found time to stalk some of the celebrities (i.e. Felicia Chin, Shaun Chen, Rebecca Tan, Thomas Ong) who were there as well.

Okay, I lie. I merely stared at them from afar. Stand too close to them and I risk accentuating my lack of height (and I was already wearing 3.5 inches heels). Check out Cherry Magazine and OneSixtyNotepad for photographic evidence.

Speaking of which, Nicole snapped a photo of me for her street style column on and I realized it went live (over here) a couple of days ago.

A couple of side-notes:

  1. I missed out on the belt – it was from a thrift shop in Vienna. I paid 1.50 Euros for it. It has the most perfectly vintage buckle.
  2. I look almost Edward-Cullen-ish in this picture – spooky. But, I like it! 😀

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