In the last 3 weeks, my relationship with writing has shifted, a little every day.

We can no longer just be lovers; we have to be partners (in crime or otherwise) as well now.

This is me, discovering what it is to write for a living, instead of writing for love. Theoretically speaking, Love trumps Life. In reality, hardly so.

Things have been happening, all at the same time. I know this is a new, exciting time and that I should be happy – I just can’t muster the enthusiasm for it.

I keep feeling like I need a rest. A day, or two. Or a handful. Just some time, I guess.

But time is precisely what I don’t have.

Cheers to adulthood, darlings.


3 thoughts on “Write

  1. I totally understand how you feel. TOTALLY. Just remember to recharge your batteries as often as need be…You’ve got great spirit. I’m sure you’ll find inspiration in the tiniest details around you.

    I’m a fan of your blog so keep us all updated! 🙂

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