April+Abula / Substation

A few days ago, I picked up a very nicely illustrated brochure of upcoming events at The Substation (July – September 2010). You can find more work by the talented illustrator, April Zeng, at her website.

I like her characters with the stringy, flowing hair and also that little girl with hair like mine.

It is time to play catch-up with the film watching. Here are some good, film-related stuff that you may want to check out too:

  • 6th Singapore Short Film Festival – awarding winning short films from all around the world. [26 August – 5 September]
  • 7th Singapore Short Cuts – showcase of local short films. [31 July; 7 & 8 August]
  • First Take – platform for new and first time film-makers to show their work. [5 July; 16 August; 6 September]
  • Night Festival 2010 – arts and cultural happenings (including film screenings) until 2 am. [16 & 17 July]

There are few things I like more than staring at a screen in a darkened room for 2 hours. It is just wonderfully therapeutic – you forget things, for a while.


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