Almost 4

Almost 4 days without a squeak from me.

Bad blogger, Dot, bad blogger.

Anyway, just thought that I’ll share some new music I’ve been plugging into recently. Having time to discovery new music is such a joy. And thank god for Google and YouTube – how did we even survive before they came about?

I think Zee Avi is hardly a secret and a significant number of you may be cursing my ignorance right this moment – but you know, you learn something new every day.

Zee Avi has this wonderful, old world voice and she is just 23. She’s from Borneo-Kuala Lumpur (how unlikely) but is now based in LA. H found her debut album in Shanghai (talk about globalization) and passed it to me last week. [You can listen to all her songs on her website – don’t you love it when musicians are generous with their work?]

I foresee that there will be more of these music updates to come. I just spent a very gleeful hour exchanging music with M; I now have a list of bands to sample bright and early tomorrow morning.

Right now, I shall retire to bed with my beloved magazines.

Goodnight you.


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