A couple of nights ago, I was flipping through the notes I made over the past year on my iPhone.

They are surprisingly telling of the things I was doing in that period of time. There were random scribbling (or typing) on outfit inspirations (i.e. giant safety pin / badges), ideas for my column with, to-do lists, favourite snippets from the books I were reading, packing lists, and stuff like that.

I also found this list of phrases/statements, but I can’t remember where they came from:

  • Failing magnificently.
  • Watching your insanity at full throttle.
  • A child can be criminally intelligent.
  • Perpetuating homicide, diligently.
  • I make no apologies about attacking you with these truths.

They do not really make sense (and are kind of disturbing), but I love the way they sound. Don’t you? 🙂


Now that I no longer have to wake up at 7 am and a morning routine is not forcefully imposed upon me, I actually feel kind of lost.

I decided that I should come up with a schedule (flexible, of course) of my own.

Humans will always need some sort of order. It protects us from our self-destructing ways!


H messaged me earlier today and asked if I know of Ben Folds Five’s Brick. I said I know the band, not the song – but found out just a moment ago that I actually do.

And I like it.

Time to take a break from all those European indie-ness and listen to some good old American music.

Somehow, the official video is blocked on Youtube, so watch it here instead.


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