Hello New Wallet

I’ve had my new wallet for a few days now but didn’t get around to transferring all my stuff to it from the old one until earlier today.

And I remembered to take pictures before slotting in all my cards and cash (not a lot to begin with)!

It is navy in colour although it looks rather black here. A practical, understated kind of wallet, which is great for me because I’m not known to be too careful with my things. The finish is more or less scratch-proof (unless you’re very determined to deface it) and that should work very well with me and my clumsiness.

Oh, and just a little update on that Celine bag I was so obsessed with.

The Celine Resort 2011 collection just got rolled out a couple of days ago and guess what was the accessories highlight? That classic box bag of course – only this time, they come in a larger size and new finishes (i.e. fluorescents, exotic skin).

Speaking of which, do check out the Resort collections if you have the time. I’ve been seeing some nice things, especially from Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs and Proenza Schouler.


6 thoughts on “Hello New Wallet

  1. hey, how much was the wallet? I like the material cos its scratched proof. i recently bot SF which is so easily scratched. am regreting from it 😦

  2. It was on 30% discount, so its rather affordable at $455. And yes, I like that it is scratch-proof! Soft leather looks nice but only for a while…

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