Random Stuff(s)

Its been some time since I uploaded any of my Golden Half pictures. This one of City Hall is from Roll #2 – and Row #3 has already been developed for months.

Backlog, backlog, everywhere!

Anyway, will get up to speed with it once more important backlog are cleared. Prioritizing is the new black.


It has been 5 years since I shared a living space with my Danish room-mate, K. And we still speak rather regularly (by all standards). Thank god for MSN.

So, that’s how we know all the trivial + semi-personal stuff in each other’s lives.

We also talk about the weather. A lot.

Considering that I once almost burned down her apartment (let’s not get into the details), I’m surprised she still bothers to keep in touch. Actually, I was already pretty surprised when she didn’t kick me out after the burning stove episode.

Not that I’m complaining of course.


I finally got a new wallet yesterday so I’m kind of very happy.

Pictures will be up as soon as I get down to taking my camera out of its case.


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