Just a quick note before I go to bed (its 330 am – I should already be asleep).

I watched the first part of Shoah tonight. It was 3 hours of non-stop interviews with eye witnesses of the Holocaust, from survivors, to non-Jewish civilians, to SS officers.

There were no gory pictures of naked bodies piled many feet high or open mass graves. These (usual) expressions of terror, which enabled the Holocaust to hold so many in morbid fascination for the past 70 years, are missing.

The approach may be different but the message conveyed is no less bone-chilling. I found the way it was shot rather refreshing.

This is pretty heavy and it can be tiring to sit through nine hours of talk, but I thought that it is important that we know and remember that this really did happened. [I say this in the most unpretentious way possible.]

Some things just shouldn’t be forgotten.

And watching this truly made me feel very lucky.


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