Bigger Eyes

Alright, this is way over-dued.

Some time in mid-May, Ciba Vision invited me to try out their Freshlook Illuminate, daily contact lenses that make your eyes look bigger. I don’t need glasses but I’ve always wanted to try these lenses out for fun.

Okay, I’m vain. Anyway, here’s the before and after pictures 🙂

Amazingly, the coloured ring on the contact lenses adapt to the colour of your eyes so that it appears really natural. I’ve been wearing them every other day for about three weeks now and although I’ve never put on contact lenses before this, they are reasonably comfortable.

Just a warning though – having brighter eyes can be addictive; your eyes (sans lenses) may start to look unacceptably small to you after wearing these for a while.


3 thoughts on “Bigger Eyes

  1. Haha! How true! The only reason I don’t wear enlarging contacts is when my eyes are too tired! If not I try to have them on as much as possible when I’m out. Addicted it!

  2. Addiction warning!!! LOL… It’s really hard to stop wearing them once the people around you start thinking you look different without knowing why. I know that feeling… Arghhhh

  3. I’m actually trying really hard to give my eyes a rest 🙂 So I only wear them when I’m going somewhere special, to be seen! lol

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