Mystery Jets

In line with my current obsession with happy tunes and dreamy, retro videos, here’s Mystery Jets with their latest, Dreaming of Another World.

The clothes, interior decor, props, make-up and hair are right out of the ’60s. Very nice.


In other news on the music front, I got up bright and early at 830am and waited half an hour for the release of the Belle and Sebastian concert tickets at 9am.

Late last night, A (an indie music purist) spooked me with doomsday talk of the tickets selling out in record time. That explains my heightened sense of paranoia.

Anyway, that’s an non-issue now. I got the tickets (whee) and that’s all that matters 🙂


4 thoughts on “Mystery Jets

  1. !! Mystery Jets! i hope they come back to SG again! and also, I love Blaine Harrison! Even though his new hair makes him look more sane than usual

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