Celine & Chloe

Yesterday, I met the Bagaholicboy for bite at the Marmalade Pantry @ ION, which quickly morphed into a whirlwind shopping trip to find me a decent bag.

If you know me at all, you will know that I do not care overly much about bags – I simply grabbed whatever is on hand that is capable of holding my daily knick-knacks (i.e. lipstick, keys, phone, wallet, notebook+pen, cards, book). I like bags enough; I just do not love them (like I should).

That, is about to change. Let’s backtrack a little.

A tiny while ago, I saw this picture on Jak & Jil. For the first time ever, I sort of fell in love with a bag. Yes, a bag, not shoes. [I almost felt like I was cheating.]

I think its perfect. Later on, I found out that its the Celine Classic Box Bag.

We were in the Celine store at Ngee Ann City, where they have this in 2 sizes and various colours. The larger, more sensible size retails at SGD5,000+. It was like being in a candy store with no money at all. It was like being diabetic in a candy store.

Still, I think I can daydream a little; in my daydream, this blue one will be mine.

I know this cost as much as a Chanel, but frankly, I will definitely get this over a 2.55 if given a choice. Anyway, pursuing impossible pursuits is just a waste of time. So, moving on! 🙂

We popped in and out of shops with sale signs in their windows for a while. Bottega Venetta was a particularly dangerous one to venture into (think: brightly coloured card holders screaming out to me).

Then we stumbled into Chloe and found this.

Soft, grained lamb leather. Adjustable straps. Compartments. On sale. Very cute. The small Marvis Leather Hunting Bag.

To clear the head, we dropped by Marc by Marc Jacobs and On Pedder, took a slow walk to get ice-cream and discussed it at length before I found myself back at the store, clutching the bag again.

Let’s just say I am poorer, but very, very happy 😀


7 thoughts on “Celine & Chloe

  1. Gosh that bag is defo nice!! Love it! Did it cost at least/most half of the Celine? But still I’d be having no money in that candy store :p

  2. being completely unrelated here but I just got my raybans for under 200 at the taiwan airport! if you know someone heading there you could try getting them there! 😀

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