Camera Obscura

Last night,  I found myself on a (too) long bus ride with nothing to read. Having no reading material on transit always makes me feel slightly panicky. [I am one of those lucky souls who can read on moving vehicles.]

Thank god for my iPod + iPhone. I wonder, when did gadgets like these become necessities for keeping sane?

It occurred to me that I have been listening to my Top 25 Most Played* playlist way too much and I decided that I must make a conscious effort to break out of that cycle.

I have some new music that I have not really gotten around to, so this is the perfect opportunity to break them in (and decide if they are for keeps).

Camera Obscura (Let’s Get Out of This Country, 2006) has been on my iPod for some time now. I thought its time to give them some love.

French Navy appears to be the latest hit from this indie pop band from Glasgow, Scotland. Francophiles will be happy to watch the video; its shot in Paris.

Generally, they belong to the same genre as Belle and Sebastian, Kings of Convenience and She & Him. It is the same easy listening with a chirpier, more upbeat sound.

All of their videos have this impossibly retro, dreamy quality, as though they are filmed with a Polaroid camera circa 1976. If this is your kind of thing, you will love them.

Anyway, I do need new blood in my iPod. If you have any recommendations, throw them my way (in the comments section)!

* Your Top 25 Most Played list says a lot about you. I realised I have a lot of thrash on mine… which is why I will never reveal it!


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