Liveblogging @ MandarinGallery Part II

For much of last night, I was walking around Mandarin Gallery with Miss Glitzy, snapping pictures of shops, checking out the sales (and taking turns to stop each other from making impulse purchases), blogging and tweeting like mad and generally being very productive livebloggers.

I love being productive; it makes me feel like a responsible member of society – even if my job is to incite people to spend more of their hard-earned money on things (they probably do not need) that make them very happy.

Anyway, I digress.

We were lured into Mt. Sapola by the very sweet smelling scents that were wafting out of it.

Offering bath products from Thailand, this shop eludes a very calming effect and the prices are surprisingly very affordable (starting from as low as $8.90). Personally, I really like the scented candles and incense. They make me feel like a hippie, in a good way!

I thought I might as well do an outfit photo while there’s someone on hand to snap a quick photo of me. I just pulled together some old things which I feel comfortable in – a Baylene cropped jacket, skirt from River Island and a Byford tank.

Moving on, we also dropped by benWu, by local designer of the same name, who specializes in well-tailored architectural pieces.

I spotted this gorgeous structural, backless red shift dress that I think will be perfect for bringing  you from the office (worn under a fitted blazer) to a Friday night out.

The Maverick Mayhem capsule collection (picture above) are a series of printed, flowy silk dresses. Miss Glitzy seemed are quite taken with 🙂 The best thing about these dresses are that they can be worn in a different ways, just by hooking up the skirt. I think everyone loves additional mileage in their clothes, right?

To end the night on a high, Mandarin Gallery gave out $500 vouchers to 10 lucky shoppers. Those who have signed up for the lucky draw crowded around the concierge area, waiting excitedly for their names to be called out. Congratulations if you are one of the 10 winners!

[Photo courtesy of Miss Glitzy]

And here’s us at the end of the night – its already midnight but we still look reasonably fresh!

All in all, a really fun experience 😀


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