LiveBlogging @ MandarinGallery Part I

So, here I am sitting at the concierge area of Mandarin Gallery with Ms Glitzy, OneSixtyNotePad, Rock The Trend and WottonCool , looking extremely conspicuous with our Apple laptops, snacking on the free popcorn and coke (free flow the entire night until 12am!).

I have been trying to settle in and make myself comfortable for the greater part of the last hour and I’m finally gotten myself in the mood to start typing some words here. [But if you are into more immediate updates about what we’re up to, I tweet a lot faster than I blog.]

Dinie and Laila looking diligent and chirpy.

Miss Glitzy and I, also look very diligent 😀
[Ok, I confess! This is not a candid shot.]

Inhabit is the first shop I hit when I had some time off to wander around the mall. I love multi-label concept stores – so much to explore. And shame on me, I haven’t been in this one yet.

Things that caught my eye: a Dion Lee shirtdress with sheer sleeves, a Rag and Bone over-sized vest and some of the ultra-comfortable T for Alexander Wang jersey stuff.

Ah, this entire event may just be a ploy to get me to wipe out my credit card and MAX IT OUT.

And this is just one shop.

Will be back in a tiny bit for Part II of The Great Night Sale.


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