Leaving Fashion Nation and Why

I will be leaving Fashion Nation with immediate effect.

With all the speculation on the direction of FN recently, I think that this will not come as a surprise to some of you. Having co-founded and worked on the blog for the past 3 and a half years, it is with regret when I say that it is no longer feasible for me to continue to do so.

Fashion Nation started out as an avenue for the sharing of ideas on style and fashion – it was exhilarating to find that there is a willing audience out there who wants to read about my ramblings on things as frivolous as clothes and shoes. Through the blog, we met countless like-minded individuals and were given wonderful opportunities that would otherwise not have come our way.

For that, I am grateful.

However, nothing is ever built to last and what goes up must come down. As the blog became more successful, things are bound to get more complicated. Differences in working styles and goals arose when monetizing the blog became a very real option (i.e. money is the root of all evil).

While I understand the complexity of bread and butter issues, I value honesty and trust above all else in a partnership. To my immense disappointment, it has came to my attention that things have been done without my knowledge and I have been deliberately kept in the dark.

If you are a PR contact of FN, you may have received an email similar to the one below:

I have no idea that the FN email is no longer in use. I became aware of this only when a few PR contacts, who know me personally, made the effort to confirm this change in contact details with me. I have been missing emails and events invitations since late last year, but it did not occur to me then that I have been kept out of the loop on purpose.

This is just one reason of many that have made it impossible for me to stay on at FN. I pondered the merits of a mudslinging session and came to the conclusion that there are none.

At the time that this post is published, I no longer have access right as administrator to Fashion Nation and have been locked out of ilovefasionation[at]gmail[dot]com. This is why I am unable to say a proper goodbye to the FN readers.

Ultimately, I just want to write. It will be perfect if my writing can pay my bills, but even if it cannot, there is still no two ways about it – I love it to death, its a compulsion and I cannot stop even if I want to.

So, plans are in the pipeline and I will be unveiling them soon. In the meantime, you can write me at storyofadot[at]gmail[dot]com.


56 thoughts on “Leaving Fashion Nation and Why

  1. Really surprise by this. That’s really unscrupulous. Nothing good will happen to someone who does things like that.
    Hang in there Dottie!

  2. Hey sorry 2 hear abt u leaving FN on such a lousy note. It’s big of u to walk away w/o drama 4 sake of fans n ur future. Let me knw how u go. Take care n all the best for ur next move.  

  3. hi, just a silent reader here…
    I’ve been wondering about the lack of fun fashion posts, photos of the 2 of you hanging out and articles by you in recent months…

    guess my hunch is correct…

    well, it’s really sad when 2 good friends collaborate on something, only to damage the friendship as well when things don’t turn out well…

    hope you’re taking it alright

  4. Something was definitely wrong when you started getting all the hate comments. And now, all these! Geez!

    I wish you all the best. I always prefer your writing! 🙂

  5. It’s a sad day for local blogosphere. But maybe this is the beginning of something even bigger.

    Don’t be affected by the BS explanation on FN. Full of loopholes until I find that its an insult to all the Fashionation readers’ intelligent.

    Jia You! We will always support you!!!

  6. Dottie!

    Wow, this must be the worse thing a partner can ever do, just shut you out like that. 😦

    I hope you are okay and seriously hope to read your insightful post on fashions soon. It has been long overdue! Anyway, no matter where you go please keep us in the loop.

    Take good care!

  7. Agree with DK!

    If FN’s email got hijacked why not make a new FN email account? Too busy to inform you, not too busy to mass email everyone else though.

    She a selfish person who acts on her own interest, being greedy shes wants to gain all the credit for FN. Truely appalled.

    Wish you all the best in what you do =)

  8. Its upsetting that there are loads of people who arent really what they seems to be. At least the other party was’nt that bad compared to other ungrateful people i have witnessed.

    Cheer up & All The Best ! See you soon !

  9. Hi Dottie,
    i came across FN 2 years back & have been following the blog since then. i enjoy reading the writeups and all the wonderful stuff that were introduced. after reading both sides of story i guess we all know what is really going on.

    i had the same feeling as yanny that something wasnt very right when i no longer see fun post with you both in it for the past months.

    and i agree with DK above that maybe this is the beginning of something even bigger.

    take care and continue to produce great writeups! will pop by this blog more often!

  10. although it is tempting to want to take sides, i think it’s best to leave judgement out of the equation since us third parties do not have the complete picture of what has transpired over the past few months.

    nonetheless, all the best for your future projects – will be looking forward to them

  11. like yanny and diet, i too was curious as to your lack of posts in FN.

    what puzzled me even more was how she started to treat FN like her OWN blog, advertising her blogshop and all.

    didnt think that was right thing to do.

    now i finally know why.

    chin up!

  12. Absolutely agreed with DK. There are just too many loopholes in her explanation. Maybe it will do better with dates shown clearly on her screen shots.

    As friends of the 2 of you for 11 years, we couldn’t possibly jump to conclusion and take sides immediately as we thought it may be unfair to her. Given a choice again, I would still choose to eat my words now than to wrong her then.

    I’m sorry for making you feel that you were going through this alone since last year. Anyway, I’m glad that you got this post published 🙂

  13. hey dottie,

    i’ve been a silent reader of FN for quite a while and am sorry to hear of what happened. would just like to say that it was your posts that kept me going back to FN as they were refreshing and well, cute 🙂 do keep writing, i’ll be directing my foot steps here 🙂

  14. I have been faithfully following the blog for years and it’s sad seeing the collaboration of FN coming to an end. Hope all the misunderstanding will sort out one day.

  15. The one who should leave is her, not you!

    She more interested in self promoting her own blog, twitter and store then FN. She even promotes her new site on FN’s twitter!

    Fight for your rights as 1 of the owner of Fashion Nation! Don’t be bullied by her!

  16. As a 3rd party, I’m not in any position to comment on what happened.

    But pleaseeeeee write more, pretty please with two cherries on top! I love your writing. 🙂

  17. I have always been a fan of FN and never expected things to end this way but all the best Dottie and I think all of us are looking forward to even greater things from you!

  18. i agree with the others, i didnt like that she used the FN site to promote her own personal blogshop so much, especially when her stuff are so madly overpriced! the hello kitty items she sold for around 9 bucks can be found at daiso for a mere $2!
    she shouldn’t try to rip people off on a blog where we go to for the best deals and fashion updates!

  19. Been reading FN for a while and from there, I got to know about your blog, which I’ve been following. I enjoy your writing style much more, and Likewise, I did notice the lack of posts from you lately. Dislike the way that site has been churned into a monetizing advert for her shop.

    It’s still sad to see a friendship turn sour due to matters like this. All the best in your future directions and I’ll continue to be a faithful reader here.

  20. i’m amazed at how civil you can still be after the latest episode.. yes, the fact is, you’re made for bigger things than that! embrace it and move on soonest ok 🙂

  21. Hej from Copenhagen! I lived in Singapore for a year and used to read fashionation, but stopped a few months ago, for the reasons described by some commentors above. It’s disgusting isn’t it, when people let money suck their soul, and inundate their readers with shameless self-advertising. Loved your style from the beginning though, and am hoping you don’t stop writing and giving us your take on fashion in Singapore 🙂
    p.s. Not to trivialise this serious post, but you have really awesome hair!

  22. hii dottie,

    you are wayy more awesomee! its okay, what goes around comes around (: in the meantime, keep your spirits up! (: the glass is half full not half empty (: i wish you all the best!

  23. i am a silent reader too. to get to the point, you can probably sue her for discrediting you. so you might want to explore your options. get some advice. the rest are correct! should fight for your rights and not get bullied! even non-regulars of FN like me know there is plenty of evidence against her!!

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  25. Dottie, I just read FN and heard of its closure with effect 31 May 2010. I hope you will continue writing about fashion, Singapore, retail and your travel wears. All the best!

  26. Super sad to hear about FN’s closing, especially in this manner. All the best to you and just wanna say that I think you are a great writer! (with great hair!)


  27. omg! the blog is deleted??!! all the good old stuff are all gone! i thot closure simply means no more new entries… not deleted… gosh…

  28. The wonder of google that led me to here. No worries, when there’s an end, inevitably a start will begin. Be strong and learn from this unfortunate experience.

  29. hi dottie,
    like the others, i have been a silent reader and had never commented before but after reading this post, i felt that i had to let you know that i loveeee your writing style … i hv been following FN since it first started and was missing your posts the past few months when it came far and few… FN was slowly losing the special appeal it once had and becoming dominated by stephie’s shop. -_- on a few occasions, i felt like leaving nasty comments about the advertisements but decided not to because it felt mean to do so… i should have!!!! i am glad ure positive and rem what doesnt kill us can only make us stronger! i am excited for your new plans to unveil 🙂 keep writing dottie! wo men zhi chi ni!!!!!!

  30. I don’t even follow your blog, but hearing about this happening to you just makes me sad and angry. Sorry to hear about this, hope you bounce back soon with something new!

  31. I am so sorry to hear about this. I kind of stopped reading FN after awhile when the posts started becoming sporadic, and looked like some kind of ad for Stephie’s shop. So yesterday when I came to FN for comfort reading, I was shell-shocked to find that the blog has been deleted. And I was frantically googling to find out what happened, no clue, until I stumbled on your blog today.

    I don’t know the full story as an outsider, but IMO, I think you’re a big person for walking away from this so calmly. I love your writing (even though I don’t comment in FN), and I think you can do greater things. Looking forward to hearing about your plans! You go, gal!

  32. Yikes! Talk about being the last to know… I stopped frequenting FN when the blogshop posts “took over”. Am so sorry to hear about the fall out! I can’t imagine the anguish you went through having all your work deleted. Glad to see you’re moving on well 🙂

  33. Hi Dottie, like others above, I have only heard the news recently that Fashion Nation has closed down in today’s Urban. I thought there were some technical errors. Haha. Anyway, just like to say I love your style and your writtings! 😀 Gambatte!!

  34. Hello Dottie! Like many of the others I’ve been a silent reader of FN ever since i’ve chanced upon FN a year ago. I’m really sorry to hear about FN’s closing 😦 But i’ll be looking forward to any of your new writing projects!
    I really like your writing style! All the best in all that you do and in your future projects!

    Take Care! 🙂

  35. Read about the closure from Urban and found my way here. Have been following FN on and off.

    This post makes your ex-partner look bad, judging from the comments. But she went full-time blogging and you didn’t so her concerns about monetization is understandable no? Maybe there was a lack of empathy somewhere to understand each other’s concerns enough. And really, it’s easy to dismiss money is the root of all evil when you don’t have an issue with it too.

    I don’t support either but let’s not be too quick to pass judgement when only part of the picture is presented to us.

  36. Sorry to hear. I liked your posts better anyways. I’ll def be visiting this more now.

    Keep you head high. What doesn’t break you makes you stonger. 🙂

  37. Hey, found your blog from Urban – Honestly speaking, among the 2 of you, I’ve always preferred you than the other – theres an unexplained negative vibe i have of her from the start. Good for you to step out. I’m book-marking your blog right now. 加油!

  38. Whoa, okay, I was wondering what happened to the FN blog. I don’t follow you guys compulsively, but FN was a really fun read whenever I get the urge to read up on any fashion news. Pity to hear about the falling out, but take heart. Better things will follow. 🙂

  39. I’m very late to this discussion, but I’m so very sorry to learn of this, and to learn that Fashion Nation is no more- you guys were one of the first blogs I really became “friends” with, odd as that sounds. It’s really sad that things have ended this way, and I wish you all the best.

  40. silent reader myself, and i was quite shocked to find out FN’s shut down, and more so about the unpleasant turn of things. Still, along with the most of us who have commented, i think you need to know that you do have a following and a crowd on your side. even if we can’t really know the full picture, i did enjoy FN ALOT more before it got taken over by the blogshop postings (which was why i stopped reading it after it got incessant). chin up girl, good things can only happen now.

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