GSS @ Mandarin Gallery

The more observant among you would have noticed that I have been spending a little more time than is usual at the Mandarin Gallery.

Other than stuffing myself with good food and very sinful desserts (that will no doubt go straight to my hips!), I have been meeting some of the other bloggers to talk about a very exciting project we are working on in collaboration with Mandarin Gallery.

As the shopping community – that is, everyone in Singapore – gears up for the launch of the Great Singapore Sale, Mandarin Gallery will start the ball rolling with a bang on 4 June.

In a once-off night shopping event, stores stay open until midnight and the stage is set for a fun-filled night of unbelievable promotions, generous discounts and truckloads of freebies!

With a long list of attractive offers, I had a hard time trying to pinpoint these top 3 that I will be zooming in on:

  1. Multi-label retail wonderland, Inhibit, will be having 40% off selected styles and 10% off storewide on current season items (except for accessories).
  2. Eco shoes brand, Terra Plana, will be offering 20-60% off selected styles and freebies with purchases. [Trust me, both you and your boyfriend will find something to love here.]
  3. I have been hearing some pretty good things about Bud Cosmetics. Combine $300 worth of receipts (from 4 – 27 June) to enjoy their much talked-about Bud Organic Facial Treatment. 

Now, here’s the reason why you must absolutely be there: I will be live-blogging on premise, together with Ms Glitzy, OneSixtyNotePad, Rock The Trend and WottonCool, from 9 pm – 12 am 😀

Please, if for nothing else, come by to say hi! I promise I will be very happy to see you.


3 thoughts on “GSS @ Mandarin Gallery

  1. I love Society Bistro in Mandarin Gallery. Keeps me away from the awful Orchard crowd! Will definitely pop by if I’m free. Anyway, where will you peeps be exactly?

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