Glitzy Lomolitos

(from Ms Glitzy’s Lomography Photostream)

There are a couple of things that I will like to share with you on this fine, fine Monday afternoon.

1. Ms Glitzy is nominated (again) for the Singapore Blog Awards under the Best Lifestyle Blog category 😀 This lady takes her blogging very seriously and puts the blogger in me to shame. So, remember to give her your vote! A few clicks goes a long way.

2. I found a new Lomo to play with! The Lomolitos are tiny disposable cameras with integrated colour filters that you can switch on and off, resulting in their iconic Lomographic colour-splashes. Judging from Ms Glitzy’s particularly well-taken shots with this lightweight lomo, I am more or less sold on this.

Which reminds me – I still have a couple of disposable cameras that will be expiring soon. Its about time I go on a rampage with them.

Forgive me if that blinding flash goes off in your eyes once too many times.


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