I have been pigging out on desserts at jones the grocer, Mandarin Gallery (Dempsey is just ridiculously out of the way sans car) on a weekly basis. Granted, it has just been two weeks, but I foresee many, many more of such unbridled feasting sessions in the near future.

So, life on the food front, is good ๐Ÿ™‚

I have never had cheese for desserts before, but now that I did, I wonder why the idea has not occurred to me before. The cheese platter comes with 5 / 7 kinds of cheese and (salty) crackers. To add oomph to the winning cheese + crackers combo, drizzle truffle honey (must try!!!) and slap on a thin slice of dried fig. I’m rather conservative with my food, but somehow, this really works.

Everyone else swore by the cheesecake and I think it is really yummy too. But deep down, my love for brownies stands unchallenged! ๐Ÿ˜€ They are such a wholesome kind of sinful pleasure.

This particular brownie is particularly rich and heavy. Usually, I prefer my brownies moist and almost gooey, but I find the nutty texture of this one rather addictive. It is not something you will want to (or can) finish in one sitting so its good to share.

Rules of ย The Brownie:

  1. Never eat one without ice-cream.
  2. Never say no when one is offered.
  3. Always share it with someone else (share the love, share the calories!).

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