Teaser: Marie Claire (China) Metro Feature

Edit:// I forgot to link up the photographer! Anyway, he is Kevin from Kevin Yang Photography. I enjoyed working with him because he is really easy-going and managed to put a rather jittery me at ease (we chatted about local politics + he bought me a much needed coke). So, throw some assignments his way if you happen to have them!

A month and some ago, I did a photoshoot for a metro feature to be published in Marie Claire China.

It was just the photographer and I. We spent the Saturday morning riding up and down escalators / travelators, with me trying to look like I usually look so serene when using the MRT. The truth of the matter is, I’m usually a ball of controlled angst during peak hour every morning.

But, the readers of Marie Claire China do not have to know know that.

We also shot at some of the places I like to hang out at. BooksActually is ideal for a couple of reasons:

  1. I really do hang out there when I’m on my own.
  2. I’ll like to appear intellectual in the feature (haha!).

I have no idea when the feature will be coming out, but when it does, you’ll probably see it nicely scanned up here.

Also, who will be the kind soul to help me get a copy of Marie Claire China? I don’t think they stock it at Borders – what about Kino? 🙂


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