Project Runway All Star Challenge

I have to admit that after Project Runway changed hands from Bravo TV to Lifetime TV and they shifted location from NYC to LA for the 6th Season, I have sort of lost track of its developments.

And we’re talking about my favourite reality TV show of all time here. I mean, it is the only one with real talents!

I guess it is not difficult to fall back in love with something that already had you hooked (for 5 seasons), which was what happened when I found myself watching the Project Runway All Star Challenge at 3 am last night.

[Always happy to see Tim!]

I was positively thrilled because Daniel Vosovic were among the eight designers chosen to participate in this 2-hour special. If you have read me long enough on the other blog, you will know how much I love him. I love him so much that I am not afraid to declare to the world that I am an absolute groupie when it comes to him.

See how cute he is! 😀 The fact that he is gay is completely irrelevant – but while we are at it, why is he gay?! *wail*

Dramatics aside, I thought the idea of having an all-star episode of Project Runway to be a brilliant one. I have always wondered how my favourite designers on the shows will perform when pit against one another. Casting was also done right, bringing together some of the best designers and personalities from the first 5 seasons.

To cut a long story short, I rooted for Daniel V for the full 48 minutes and thank god he didn’t disappoint. He won the all-star challenge and walked away with the $100,000 prize. According to this interview, he will be spending the bulk of it on his new company/line. [Note: The episode was released last August in the States, so this is hardly breaking news. But as I said, I’m terribly out of touch!]

He really needs to start making and selling clothes properly.

I will buy his clothes. In a heartbeat.


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