Weekends >>> Mondays

Once again, predictably, the weekend zoomed by in a flash.

I woke up briefly between 2pm – 5pm on Sunday and proceeded to continue sleeping until 8 pm that evening.

It may sound a little excessive but trust me, completely necessary.

Of course, it screwed up my bio-clock in a major way but becoming a nocturnal creature may be the next big thing.

I am not going to complain about the heavy feeling in my skull this morning. Or the death-like mask that is my face.


The time over the weekend that wasn’t spent sleeping was spent on making my way to Audi Fashion Festival, waiting for the shows to start and then making my way back to the heartlands.

My camera died on me the first night and I was simply too lazy to remove it from its pouch on the second. Fortunately, the others were a lot more enthusiastic with theirs so I am able to steal their pictures with ease.

Suddenly, I feel so incredibly tired just thinking about uploading photos.

So, they will be up in the next post, alright?

Not that you have a choice 😛


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