The photos from Fischer’s Fall 2010 lookbook are super fabulous.

I still can’t bring myself to try out the shoes + socks combo. I think it only work if you have stick-thin calves or are so gorgeous that people are too distracted by your beautiful face to look at your feet.

Both of which, I do not have.

(via {frolic!})


Its the Marchesa show at Audi Fashion Festival tonight.

Pris from Chalk very kindly dressed me in some of the pieces from her latest collection so that I will not have to suffer the embarrassment of being grossly under-dressed while mingling with the fashion folks.

You know how utterly ruthless these people can be.  Its nerve-wrecking!

Okay, I am kidding.  Really.


Things to be happy about today:

  1. Being able to play Tap Tap Revenge on cab rides.
  2. Cute outfit makes for lifted spirits.
  3. Tea with my cousin (who bought me birds’ nest!)
  4. Free movie passes.
  5. The prospect of champagne.
  6. Not having duties on May Day (this totally rocks).

You know, list-making is really addictive.


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