Explain me one more time. When they kill its a crime, when you kill its justice.
– Rule My World, Kings of Convenience

Every night at about 11, I get shifty and uneasy and nervous.

Is that because it is the witching hour?


Last night, I met up with H to get my birthday present. He always gets me really cool stuff (mostly because he thinks I’m really cool :).

Postcards from Penguin is a collection of 100 postcards of iconic Penguin book covers.

I flipped through all 100 titles and realised that I have only read 2 of them. 1984 and Catcher in the Rye.

So much catching up to do.


When spring-cleaning a couple of months ago, I found my collection of floral corsages back from the Carrie Bradshaw-crazed days when pinning one onto your outfit was considered more or less mandatory.

One of them was a grey striped one that I’d found at a Sunday flea market in Copenhagen. I realised that it is actually from DAY Birger et Mikkelsen, a Danish label with casual chic clothes I like (very much). It cost me $2.50.

Unfortunately, by then, years of lying in our humidity has ruined the corsage with brown spots.

Or else I’m sure I can find somewhere on which to pin it.

This is the most random thing I’d said in days.


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