On Hand

I suddenly found myself with a lot more time on hand and I am thinking about what to do with it.

I thought I shall make a list:

  1. Finish reading my half-read books (bad habit).
  2. Finish reading my magazines – all 1,735 of them (very bad habit).
  3. Think of new outfits other than wearing the same tired ones.
  4. Condition my hair every day – say no to laziness! (very, very bad habit).
  5. Cut my hair (way over-due). Or grow it out (unlikely).
  6. Tidy up my various email accounts; they’re such a unbecoming mess.
  7. Tidy up my laptop(s)’ desktops. Cluttered does not even cover it.
  8. Learn patience.
  9. Get off my ballooning butt and exercise. I am going  for that happy, healthy glow.
  10. Drink water. Lots and lots of it.
  11. Get up to speed with Gossip Girl – I know, very ashamed of myself!
  12. Bring Coco for walks. Real ones, not just a loop around the corner.
  13. Sort out my shoes collection. I no longer remember what I have.
  14. Meet friends I have not seen for a while.
  15. Eat chocolate.
  16. Go on a ramen tasting trail. Then make my own Top 10 List.
  17. Watch good films.
  18. Think about that eternal question: What do I do with my Life?
  19. Plan a trip, hypothetical or otherwise.
  20. Write more. Anywhere, everywhere.
  21. Make more lists.

I think this will keep me busy for a while.


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