I wrote this last Sunday:

It is Sunday and writing is in order.

Only when I am supposed to be writing, I spend a lot more time reading than actually producing words myself. All of a sudden, there are a million and one articles that are so interesting and attention-grabbing that I have to drop everything just to peruse them (to my enjoyment of course).

I woke up at 2.30 pm, very much disoriented because Angie‘s very efficient blackout curtains did too good a job. There is something very frightening about stumbling out of bed, incapable of being wide-eyed by any standards, and realising that 2/3 of the day has been stolen from you (or wilfully squandered away).

On a normal Sunday, where Monday is much too close for comfort, I would have bemoan the lost of precious weekend time – after all, there are already too many things to do!

But this Sunday is not a normal Sunday. I’m taking Monday and Tuesday off and the certainty of escaping Monday Blues cheer me up considerably.

By the way, isn’t it time we eradicate Monday Blues for good? Preferably by eradicating working on Monday – going right to the root of the problem should be the way to go.


Perhaps you already know this, but Anthony Bourdain writes a terrifying good blog. I am a huge fan of his No Reservations series on Channel 16, although I’m not a very dedicated one – I never have the patience to diligently follow tv shows.

I have to confess that I am a little biased in terms of writers. In general, I find few American writers inspire me as much as I will like to be.

But this one does. And he’s a chef by profession.


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