I think I may be psychic. I touched my phone and immediately a text came in.

That, or its a coincidence.

I like that one about me being a psychic much better.


I figure that such random, completely inconsequential updates should be reserved for Twitter.

However, I am taking a break from that chirping bird because personal tragedy has struck me (again) and I no longer feel self-assured enough to proliferate useless information about myself on the cyberweb.

Note: Cyber is such an early-90s word.


In line with my initial ramblings about my psychic prowess, I think you need to read Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone.

She can tell you what to do with your life.

And don’t we all love that? That aside, she is also pretty accurate to the point of being a little scary.

So, why not?


Another Twitter-worthy piece of information:

My right hand just well chillingly numb. Is that normal? Or am I getting mystic signs from the Universe?! Probably, I am just typing too fast / using the mouse wrongly.


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