Wall Paper

I love posters but they can never quite stay up on my wall due to the drippy paint effect that was so trendy 20 years ago.

Plus, my mother makes a fuss about how I am ruining her walls every time I stick something on them with blu-tack. Its exasperating on all fronts and not really worth the hassle.

5 years ago, I bought this Yellow Submarine poster in Copenhagen. I kept it in its plastic wrap all this while.

The colours are awesome and I love it.

I also have a treasured vintage poster from the 1950s. It was for a parade commemorating the anniversary of the end of World War II in the Czech Republic. It feels crisp, fragile and deliciously aged.

I am hoping that it will be worth something some way down the road.

Earlier this morning, I come across The Small Stakes, a Californian design studio that produces music posters for indie bands. I found this poster they did for Andrew Bird and have been debating with myself ever since if US$30 (excl. shipping) is too much to pay for graphic design as wonderful as this.

It makes me extremely happy, just to look at it.


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