Forever Is Today

Every now and then, I come across blogs that I really love to just scroll through.

I read the words on principle, but sometimes, it really isn’t necessary because the pictures are so awesome (to me at least).

The latest addition to the ‘Eye Candies’ category of my Google Reader is Forever Is Today, written by Swedish graphic design student, Hilda Grahnat, who lives in Malmö.

Hilda uses her small army of analog cameras to shoot food, her thrift finds, sinfully yummy food and cafe sessions with friends. But what really caught my fancy are her documentation of shops facades and signs. Its a real treat for typography fans!

Malmö is at the Southern-most tip of Sweden, just 45 minutes north of Copenhagen by train/bus/car. The journey from one to the other will take you across the Oresund Bridge, the longest combined rail and road bridge in Europe.

Crossing that bridge is one of my favourite experience ever.

Try it, if you happen to be in the area. Go on a clear day – the incredible cobalt blue of the Baltic Sea will stun you.


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