Eggs + Coke Monster

My sister sent me this picture last week and she said:

I don’t get why they are so happy. They are about to be breakfast soon.

I think my sister is kind of weird.

But she sure is useful when I’m looking for a little distraction to amuse myself.


Angie asked me for a beer earlier today. I told her I no longer drink beer (that much).

[On Being Kate Moss] (via MSN)

Me: I don’t drink anymore.

A: Just join in the fun. You can have a coke.

Me: Yes, okay. I love coke. I’m a coke monster.

A: Don’t be a Kate Moss.

Me: Wow. I didn’t even think of that. HAHA!


This is my 100th post on this space 🙂

It really doesn’t feel that it has been so long or that I’d written so much nonsense since I shifted over here.

But of course, you take the cake for actually reading this.

And here’s to another 100 posts – I can’t stop even if I want to!


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