Video(s): Eats In Shanghai Part I

Before I decided to post these videos we took in Shanghai last December, I deliberate at length with Angie on whether it will be wise to do so.

Concerns highlighted were as follows:

1) It may completely destroy my street cred (real or delusional).

2) It may obliterate any chance of her (ever) finding a boyfriend.

In case you are getting excited, there is no trace of risque here. Its just us, eating food.

Things not to expect:

  • Dainty, delicate bites.
  • Fake blissful expressions.
  • Perfect English / Mandarin (we believe in linguistic hybrids).
  • Slow-mo footages of us chewing a la Channel 8 food shows.

Things we should warned you about:

  • Loud guffawing (yes, we laugh like big, burly men).
  • Unglam scenes of us struggling with giant pepper crab.
  • Abrupt endings.

I think you are now ready to hit the ‘play’ button.


Upon watching our videos, Ms Glitzy directed me to Juicy & Delicious, a food videoblog.

These guys are seriously funny. I love the idea of a blind food tasting!!! 😀 Please invite me for the next one – I promise to be entertaining and use all the necessary adjectives (e.g. succulent).


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