She & Him

It turns out that I’m a terrible fan because I didn’t know that Zooey Deschanel is in the indie-pop band, She & Him*, together with guitarist, Matt Ward (who produces and arranges the albums).

Apparently, Volume One of the collaboration is a hit and now they are on to their second album. Its set to be released on 23 March and I think you can already do a pre-order on Amazon.

I just called HMV up to check on the availability of the first album – there are only the US Import ones that cost an arm, a leg and 3 fingers. So I say, go with the more wallet-friendly Amazon / iTunes.

Or if you are more inclined towards free music, you can listen to the entire album for free on NPR Music from now until its release later this month. I just did and its exactly as the critics said it will be – very spring, dreamy, happy (yes, strangely, even the kind-of-sad ones).

Check out the videos too. This one of In The Sun is shot in a high school, featuring a dancing Zooey and adorable outfits.

Suddenly, I feel an intense desire to own a Peter Pan collared blouse.

* I think this is such a great name.


4 thoughts on “She & Him

  1. As a seamstress, I am now absolutely compelled to make myself a blouse with a peter pan collar for the spring. I think I need a skirt like hers too. She always wears the best outfits…

  2. I always confuse her for Katy Perry. Wonderful recommendation Dottie, I must say thanks! I have a weakness for twangy guitars & retro folksy tunes… Can’t wait for my order to arrive now 🙂

  3. You mean you bought the album? 🙂 Can I shamelessly rip it off you? LOL Anyway, you may also like KOC – they have twangy guitars (and only guitars) + retro folkish tunes!

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