The next 2/3 of March looks stuffed with happenings – things to see, places to go, people to meet.

I love it when my social calender fills up and threaten to spill over. I feel marginally more wanted by the world at large. Plus, I get to scribble in my organiser, which gives me a false sense of order and makes me feel like a purposeful adult (although I am fully aware that I may never attain this state of being).

A key highlight of the month will have to be the Kings of Convenience concert at the Mosiac Music Festival. I have been looking forward to it for weeks and am convinced that it will be nothing less than awesome.

Things I like about these Norwegian dudes:

  • Their soft, soothing songs.
  • Their cute, wholesome, retro hairstyles.
  • The hazy, vintage quality to their videos.
  • Their clever, politics-laced lyrics.
  • How 2 guitars and a touch of piano is enough for them to make great music.

A really cute interview of the Erlend and Eirik. I don’t even want to try pronouncing their surnames.


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