The people behind Actually and Wooonderland is launching another concept store, ActuallyActually in 2 days time (i.e. 5 March).

ActuallyActuallyActually may be in the works right as I type this now. I thought that will be clever and funny, although not exactly sustainable.

Anyhow, that is beside the point.

To be succinct, there are two points:

1) Eeshaun (who draws a lot of strange but cute creatures; I like strange but cute creatures) will be holding his second solo exhibition in conjunction with the store opening; and

2) There will be new designer labels to check out and ooh-ahh over.

Popping by over the weekends sounds about right.

So much to do in those two glorious days, so little time. Plus, I have to factor in the sleeping-in (which is absolutely imperative).


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