I have a confession to make.

When I was in Harbin, I bought a rabbit scarf. Partly because it was the softest thing I’d ever touched and partly because it cost me $15 (post-bargaining).

Okay, I lie.

I bought two such scarves. My mother wanted one too.


(On Being Weird) [via MSN]

F: Everyone is acting so weird these days.

Me: I’m not! I’m very normal 🙂

F: No, you’re weird too. Your head is too big.

Me: -_-|||

F calls me a variety of nicknames, his favourite of which will have to be 大头鬼, or 大头 for short.

Other days he calls me ‘bro’. That disturbs me, a little. But I try not to think about my boy-girl status too much.


(On Friendship Price) [via WhatsApp]

Me: I’m thinking of doing this project, just for fun.

A: Okay. I can help you with the publicity material!

Me: Sound great.

A: And don’t worry, I’ll give you friendship price.

A: Your first born! Haha!

Me: Oh god, you’re definitely the most insane person I can think of.

A: That cannot be! Think harder!

Me: Already thought very hard.

A: WTH. Now I’ll want your second child too!

It may be that insanity is now airborne.


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