When you mind breaks the spirit of your soul.
– 21 Guns, Green Day

I got my hands on the newer (and soon, the older ones too) Green Day albums – ripped them off from a colleague. And I thought I’m going to buy my first CD in a decade.

Apparently, not going to happen, yet.

Oh. I got The Killers’ stuff too. Very awesome.


I feel young when I listen to Green Day. Perhaps its because when I first started listening to them, I was young(er).

Sometimes, I can’t believe that I’m not still 21. Sometimes, it struck me that I’m 25 and I’m a little shocked *laugh*

Because I don’t feel 25. Or 26, in about 3 months.

Oh god.


Alright, I’m running off to put on mascara now.

I may be the vainest person I know. Not that I mean it in a bad way, of course.


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