Look Forward

Recently, I’d been a kind of distracted – in a good way 🙂

In many ways, Life seems to be chugging along again, and I’m excited.

This is the part I was looking forward too.


Tonight, I met the PS crowd for dinner. It has been some time since I’d seen some of them. Almost predictably, someone else is now engaged (and bogged down with the technicalities of institutionalizing love).

But you know, I’m really happy for them.

The funniest thing I heard all night:

H: *straight-faced* Eh J, you’re still staying in Malaysia right?

J lives in Jurong.

I guffawed in a most un-ladylike manner and gave H a high 5.

There is an East-West great divide (with the former being superior, of course).

Other long-standing jokes we make about the West Side include how we have to bring our passport along when we venture there, just in case.

Very juvenile, very ridiculous, but very fun.


2 thoughts on “Look Forward

  1. most of my jc friends who live in the west make fun of me living in the east with the same malaysia and passport jokes… sighhhh.

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