So. I’m back from my 2 weeks vacation in China.

It feels like its been two months. Everything stretches out deliciously.

Then I come back home. And its surreal to find everything as it has been before I left.

Only it is the new year.

We all know what that means.

A clean slate. I badly need one.

Goodbye 2009. You’d been a real bitch. I’m glad to see you go 🙂


Over the next few weeks, I’ll be putting up photographs of my trip. I’m not the most diligent in uploading holiday snaps, so take it as they come, as and when I get the time to post them.


During my Harbin trip, I spend a lot of time on the coach as we move further and further up north.

It may sound crazy but I love these long bus rides.

And outside, miles and miles of endless white, for as far as my eyes can see. I can’t tire of it even if I’d tried.

Sometimes I fall asleep at around 3 pm. A cat’s nap.

I wake up to pitch darkness outside, an hour or so later.

This deep, deep winter fascinates me.


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