Last night, the Internet at home suddenly died on us.

My sister and I spun closer towards withdrawal-induced hysteria with each passing minutes of broadband-less existence.

The usual unplugging/plugging thing didn’t work. The horror!

(On Sacrifice) [via Voices]

Me: What if tomorrow there is still no Interenet?!

Sister: Die. But we’ll kill Coco first. [Note: We are always threatening to cook Coco or throw her out of the house, but we actually love her. A lot.]

Me: *talking to Coco* We are going to sacrifice you to the Internet God!

Coco: *licks her nose and goes back to her perpetual snoozing*

Me: I’ll take that as consent.

So I do hope that when I get home tonight, the broadband issue is fixed.

Or else, poor Coco…


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