Chance & Reflect

I am in Kuala Lumpur right now on a work trip.

To say that I’m delighted that the hotel is giving us free access to wireless broadband will be an understatement. Even ‘overjoyed’ falls a little short.

And that is the extent of my addiction.


My hotel is directly opposite Berjaya Times Square, so after the meeting of the day, we all trooped dutifully across the road to do our bit for Malaysian retail tourism.

There are the usual cheap-er things on offer, but my heart really wasn’t in hunting for yet another pair of shoes. [As I was telling S, my shoes habit is becoming a serious problem. No kidding. Bah.] What I really want is to find that Indian newsagent (which I spoke of here) and stock up on the back issues of Monocle and the design magazines I was too cheap to buy at home.


I may not look it, but I can honestly say that I can be pretty independent – if I want to. A little blur (most of the time), but I get along.

Being the middle child sort of does that to you.

Not that it is a bad thing of course.


I can only vaguely remember the location of the newsagent – right at the corner, on one of the higher floors – so I took some time wandering around, a little lost.

I like being a little lost sometimes. By experience, that is a reasonable chance that I may come across things, places and people I would never have met if not for my poor sense of direction.

I was on the 6th floor, which is very quiet as most of the shops were already closed. I figured that I must be looking at the wrong end so I crossed over to the other side. I rounded the corner and I saw this raw store space (i.e. concrete floors, sparsely furnished), which is really the kind I like best.

It is so starkly different from all the other shops in the building. I’m intrigued, so I popped in (thank god its still opened).

The guy who opened the door for me was drafting patterns and cutting them out. There was a few pieces of of menswear on the racks – a very interesting-looking long knit cardigan, sharply cut vests and a leather jacket. If I am a boy, I will wear them in a half a nanosecond.

Naturally, I must have this guy’s card.

Just then, his partner walked out. [I found out later that his name is Joe – I like single syllable names.] I took the opportunity to make conversation and collect some information for the other blog.

I had a great little chat with Joe and found out that the shop is spanking new. They do tailoring and customisation for customers, on top of a ready-t0-wear line, which is not ready just yet (although in a few weeks, it will be!). Right now, they are designing some jumpsuits as uniforms for a client – sounds like fun to me.

It is reaffirmed that the world is very tiny piece of rock (with puddles on it) because Joe has just graduated from the Raffles Design Institute in Singapore. To shrink the world even further, he asked me if I know Tongue in Chic. He is going to an indie party with some of the TIC people and asked if I will like to come along.

Of course I know Tongue in Chic – I used to write for them 🙂

I was this close to saying yes, it sounds like fun, count me in!

Then I remembered that I have nothing remotely party-worthy to wear (i.e. I was wearing my worn-to-death jeans, a t-shirt and canvas sneakers) + I have to be up at seven for my conference tomorrow.

The universe is blatantly conspiring against me.

Now that I think about it, I should have just gone.

Moral of the story:  Always wear mascara and pack nice shoes, because you don’t know who you’ll meet, what you’ll do and where you’ll go.

[The shop is named Reflect Room and it is on the 6th floor of Berjaya Times Square, tucked into a corner.]


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